Personnel report: Seahawks' identity

The Seahawks are searching for an identity on offense heading into Week 13.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh still do not seem to have an intuitive feel for one another. Third receiver Deion Branch clearly has talent, but I'm wondering how well he fits this offense. Justin Forsett has run effectively some of the time, but the ground game has produced at historically low level more than once this season. The offensive line's identity, hampered by injuries early in the season, remains undefined. Tight end John Carlson enjoyed a strong blocking game against the Rams, but his overall production hasn't meshed with the dominance he showed during offseason camps.

I've watched and charted every one of Seahawks' plays this season. Hasselbeck has shown impressive toughness and leadership. Left guard Rob Sims makes some strong blocks. Fullback Justin Griffith has stood out as a lead blocker. Nate Burleson has probably exceeded expectations following knee rehabilitation.

Where is this offense headed? Perhaps we'll get a better idea over the final five games.

In the meantime, I'll make available for download a personnel report featuring information on every snap this season, with summary sheets showing situational production against the Rams and against all opponents.

Seahawks personnel report: Weeks 1-12

The chart shows Seattle's offensive production across personnel groups this season. The figures do not count quarterback scrambles, clock-stopping spike passes, aborted plays or plays from an unusual personnel group featuring two tight ends and three wide receivers. Seattle used this grouping against Indianapolis only, and I have not yet integrated the grouping into my charting system. Thanks for the homework assignment, Greg Knapp.