Roger Craig: Two titles in next eight years

Retired San Francisco 49ers great Roger Craig, previously an outspoken supporter of coach Jim Harbaugh, has gotten more specific in his predictions for greatness.

This was Craig to the San Francisco Chronicle in January 2012: "I see these guys doing some wonderful things this decade -- I think (coach) Jim (Harbaugh) will do a great job of creating another dynasty and winning some Super Bowls. I foresee us winning some Super Bowls in the next decade."

Here is Craig more recently, speaking to ESPN's Ashley Fox for a column published Monday: "I'm going on the record saying the 49ers win two Super Bowls in the next eight years. They'll be the winningest team in the next decade."

There's a lot to like about the 49ers. They're on a major roll and should be included on any short list for teams likely to dominate over the next decade. They're not the only NFC West team to consider, either.

The Seahawks are already similarly competitive and set up well for the future. The St. Louis Rams have a shot if their young draft choices develop and quarterback Sam Bradford continues to improve. The Arizona Cardinals are less settled for the long term at quarterback, but that's to be expected. Their coach and GM are just getting started.