Cornerback's PED comments in perspective

Comments from Richard Sherman to ESPN The Magazine could reignite conversations regarding the Seattle Seahawks' run of suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs.

Asked whether the team had a PED problem, Sherman allowed that "it does seem that way" in light of having five suspensions since 2011.

Also from Sherman regarding the potential PED problem: "It is what it is."

Having five suspensions since 2011 does make it seem like the team could have a problem. General manager John Schneider previously acknowledged the seriousness of the situation, saying it "needs to be addressed" and had been addressed in multiple ways.

Sherman did not come out and say definitively that the team has a PED problem that would foreshadow future suspensions. To me, saying "it is what it is" means it's tough to deny the existence of a problem when five players have been suspended since 2011.

The Seahawks think having five suspensions is problematic, to the point that coaches and players have raised awareness through meetings. Strong safety Kam Chancellor suggested players needed to grow up.