Fantasy Roundtable: QB debate must end

Young quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Andy Dalton produced very similar stats under different circumstances last season.

ESPN's Fantasy Roundtable debated earlier this month whether or not Bradford's new weapons would make him the superior choice for 2013. That video is above.

2012 Bradford vs. Dalton

We have since answered questions about the direction personnel changes will lead Bradford and the St. Louis Rams' offense. This is going to be a more wide-open offense with Tavon Austin and Jared Cook adding welcome speed.

If all goes to plan, the physical advantages Bradford holds over Dalton should begin showing up on the stat sheet. That might have happened on longer throws last season even though Dalton was working with A.J. Green, one of the fastest receivers. Bradford developed a strong deep rapport with rookie fourth-round choice Chris Givens.

Bradford completed 21 of 62 passes (33.9 percent) for 706 yards with six touchdowns and four picks on passes traveling longer than 20 yards past the line of scrimmage, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Dalton completed 15 of 57 passes (26.3 percent) for 525 yards with three touchdowns and four picks on these throws.

Green led the Bengals with 97 receptions. Tight end Jermaine Gresham was next with 64, followed by Andrew Hawkins (51) and four players with between 13 and 18 receptions. The Rams' top two players in receptions -- Danny Amendola with 63, Brandon Gibson with 51 -- are no longer with the team. Younger, faster and less proven players have replaced them.

"Name the team in the NFL that has more team speed in the wideout and tight end positions than St. Louis," ESPN's Christopher Harris said in the video discussion.

"After this offseason, there might not be one," fellow analyst Field Yates responded. "At least in Cincinnati, you have A.J. Green, a star, and perhaps my favorite skill player drafted in the first round, Tyler Eifert. While the upside on Dalton could be limited by his own ability, the upside on Bradford is limited by those around him."

That should start to change in 2013.