What contract figures mean for Justin Smith

Justin Smith's new contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers features additional guaranteed money for the player, additional 2013 salary-cap space for the team and a clearer picture of the future for both parties.

Those are relevant takeaways after getting a peek at the financial details through ESPN Stats & Information.

What Smith gets: $9.5 million in guaranteed money. That includes a $6.56 million signing bonus and a $940,000 base salary this year. The remaining $2 million in guarantees comes from 2014. That means Smith can reasonably expect to remain with the team through the 2014 season, at least. It also means he's playing at a discount relative to his previous compensation level, provided Smith remains a dominant force.

What the 49ers get: a more than 50 percent reduction from what had been an $8 million scheduled salary-cap charge this year. Smith had been scheduled to receive $7.5 million in base salary for 2013, the final year of his previous deal. The entire base salary would have counted against the cap. Now, only one-third of the $6.56 million bonus counts this year, along with the $940,000 in salary and a $100,000 workout bonus. Also, the 49ers now control Smith's rights through 2015 instead of just through 2013, without sacrificing in the future as long as Smith plays through 2014.

What the future holds: Smith's deal includes a $3.15 million salary in 2014 and a $2.65 million salary in 2015. It also includes $1.4 million roster bonuses in each of those years. Those are manageable figures for the team even if Smith isn't as dominant as he has been to this point in his 49ers career. Health permitting, Smith should play beyond the 2013 season with the 49ers. He turns 34 in September.