About that 101-catch projection for Harvin

You weren't the only one to question a 101-reception projection for new Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin in 2013.

2012 Seahawks Receptions Leaders

"No way does Harvin get 100+ receptions in our offense," Seahawks fan kzrider 10.0 wrote in the comments section of our earlier item. "We spread the ball around way too much and don't throw it enough for him to get those kinds of numbers."

Using Harvin's receptions per target rate over the past two seasons, the Seahawks would have to target Harvin 137 times overall (8.6 per game) for him to reach 101 receptions. Harvin was on that kind of pace with the Minnesota Vikings last season, when he averaged 9.1 targets per game. But no Seahawks receiver averaged better than 4.9 targets per game in 2012. Sidney Rice had 78 targets overall.

Seattle finished the 2012 season with 380 targets, fewest in the NFL. The Vikings ranked 28th in targets with 461, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

The feeling here is that the Seahawks will build a significant part of their offense around Harvin, but quarterback Russell Wilson will spread the ball around. The 101-catch projection seems on the high side.