Undervalued? Wilson, Bradford might be

NFC West fans might want to check out ESPN fantasy analyst Tristan H. Cockroft's thoughts on a couple quarterbacks he considers undervalued in fantasy drafts heading into the 2013 season.

2012 Wilson, Bradford Top Fantasy Games

The stats show Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson lasting longer than he should be lasting in fantasy drafts. Cockroft mentions the Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford and the Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo as falling into this category as well.

The implication is that you might be able to snap up these players later than anticipated, unless you're playing in a league with fans from these teams, I'm assuming (I'll admit to shaking my head at the Seattle fan in my league who drafted Wilson last summer, before anyone had any idea he'd play the way he wound up playing late in the season).

Sam Bradford gets a mention in this analysis as well. He's a player with breakout potential, Cockroft thinks, based on changes to the St. Louis Rams' weaponry and the way Bradford was trending late last season.

The chart lists the 2012 games when Wilson and Bradford scored at least 20 fantasy points.