Around the NFC West: Stung by a scorpion

Good morning, NFC West, and please watch out for the scorpions.

Around the NFC West: July 23, 2013

We've got quite a few little items to discuss on this Tuesday: Jonathan Cooper's unsigned status in Arizona, Jim Harbaugh's evasive tactics in San Francisco, a sold-out season in Seattle and more. It's all there in the box on the right.

For sheer entertainment value, however, it's tough to beat Kent Somers' account of life in Arizona for Christine Arians, wife of the Cardinals' new head coach.

See, Christine has some experience moving around the country, having owned 15 homes over the years. An attorney, she's passed the bar exam in four states. But nothing could prepare her for the unrelenting desert heat.

According to Somers, Arians' wife left her glasses on the seat of her car one day, returning to find them melted. Upon returning home, she discovered a "brown clump" in the stairwell and went to pick it up -- without realizing the brown clump was a scorpion. It stung her.

"It was instant, horrendous pain," Christian Arians told Somers. "I walked around with my thumb in a glass of ice water for eight hours."

Welcome to Arizona, where the scorpion stings hurt more than any Cardinals defeat likely ever could.

Bruce Arians has so far come off as a straight-talking coach with a good sense of humor. This story about his wife adds another humanizing dimension to the Cardinals' first family.