Reminder text: 'Stay off the four-wheelers'

NFL coaches and general managers say they hope players avoid risky behavior during the weeks between minicamps and training camp each offseason.

Turns out they do more than hope, actually.

"We got together early in the offseason, even before they came back, and felt it was good to communicate with them," St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher told reporters Monday. "In this day and age, it’s not hard to send a reminder text about the weekend coming up or the Fourth of July or, 'Stay off the four-wheelers or wave runners,' and those kinds of things. We've stayed pretty much in contact with them. I can text. I did not send texts to them, but they were sent."

Rules set forth in the collective bargaining agreement limit how much work and the types of work players can perform at team headquarters during the offseason. Fisher has lamented those rules as they pertain to quarterback Sam Bradford in particular. There's no rule against texting.

"It would appear that this break has been very productive for us," Fisher said. "The guys got together on their own and threw the ball. We’re looking forward to Thursday and getting on the field."