Wait, Kam Chancellor has a sensitive side?

RENTON, Wash. -- Known for delivering devastating hits on the field, Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor recently showed another side when fulfilling a lifelong dream to reward his mother.

Chancellor, having signed a contract extension earlier this year, told his mother he planned to purchase a car for her. They had also talked about a new house, but that was going to wait til the end of the summer. Or so his mother thought.

"When I went home, I found a house that I knew was right for her," Chancellor said after practice Saturday. "When I came home for the long break, I told her we were going to go pick up the car. I told her we were going to go to this quote-unquote guy's house. We got there and the car was sitting outside with a bow on it. We went to the car, she loved it, she told me 'thank you' and all this stuff."

The car was locked. Chancellor told his mother they would have to get the keys from the man inside the house. His mother had no idea the house was filled with family members waiting to yell "surprise" and welcome her to her new home.

"She just went crazy," Chancellor said. "She was in tears. It was amazing. I'm glad I'm blessed to be able to do that for her, and she loved it."

So did Chancellor.

"I felt like I was getting the house," he said. "It felt great to do it and to do it for her. The way she was surprised and overwhelmed, I felt the same way."