710ESPN Seattle audio: Carroll, Kaepernick

Pete Carroll still has a pretty good arm. Sometimes the Seattle Seahawks' head coach will find someone to catch his passes during practice. He can throw a regulation NFL ball with decent velocity and with a spiral. As I discovered Tuesday, Carroll can also hit the broad side of a $75 million NFL facility from 10 feet away.

Brock Huard, Danny O'Neil and I were on the air from the 710ESPN Seattle tent near the Seahawks' practice field Tuesday when I noticed something was distracting Brock and Danny. Both were starting to laugh as they saw Carroll approaching with a smile on his face and a football in his hands. Carroll wound up and chucked the ball at high velocity through the space between the tent's roof and Danny's noggin. The ball bounced off the wall behind us and flew back onto the set. Good seeing you as well, coach.

Carroll wasn't the focus of this conversation. Instead, we discussed perceptions regarding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other subjects relating to the 49ers, Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Those are the three teams I've visited since training camps opened. Nick Wagoner has us covered from St. Louis Rams camp.

As the show wrapped up, Brock noted that 49ers fans in the listening audience were texting their thanks to me for highlighting Kaepernick's work ethic. Seattle's Russell Wilson rightfully gets credit for the work he puts in, and his serious demeanor strengthens those perceptions. Kaepernick has sometimes appeared less serious off the field, but the evidence suggests he's as driven as anyone regarding his duties as a quarterback.

I spoke with Kaepernick recently regarding what drives him and am looking forward to featuring his thoughts in a future piece.

Note: I've updated the audio link for the 710ESPN Seattle segment.