Around the NFC West: Harvin and Palmer

Around the NFC West: Aug. 13, 2013

Good morning, NFC West.

We're taking the divisional conversation to ESPN's Mark Schlereth and Freddie Coleman this week as part of the "Schlereth's NFL Summer" series covering five hot topics.

I came up with the topics. Schlereth and Coleman took it from there.

Up first: whether the Seattle Seahawks will regret the Percy Harvin trade following the wide receiver's injury, and what the Carson Palmer acquisition will mean for the Arizona Cardinals.

A sampling:

  • Coleman on the Harvin trade: "Yeah, a case of buyer's beware, but I think if you asked Seattle if they knew then what they knew now, they would still make that trade every day of the week and twice on Sunday."

  • Schlereth on Palmer: "They're going to have to run the ball better. They're going to have to protect Carson Palmer. But this is going to be a wide-open offense, an aggressive offense, and Carson Palmer can throw the ball down the field in that style of offense."

Thanks to Steven Ceruti of ESPN Radio for offering up the full audio running more than six minutes. This series continues with three additional key storylines as the week progresses.