Schlereth's NFL Summer: 'Not intimidated'

We haven't been hurting for St. Louis Rams items since Nick Wagoner joined the ESPN coverage team, but that's OK. We've got some ground to make up after hitting other teams harder for reasons related directly to on-field performance.

And so I'm happy to present the latest NFC West thoughts from ESPN's Mark Schlereth and Freddie Coleman, this time regarding the Rams.

Spoiler alert: Schlereth is taking the "over" on an eight-win season for the Rams. Coleman goes with 8-8 while saying he thinks the Rams are one year away from really challenging.

"The one thing I love more than just about anything about this team, they are not intimidated," Schlereth said. "They are flat not intimidated by the teams in their division. There are a lot of [other] teams that go up to Seattle and mentally get waxed with the 12th man and it's drizzly and the 12th man is out in full force and you can't hear anything and they don't want to go up there."