Where NFC West stands in Forbes rankings

NFL teams other than the publicly held Green Bay Packers do not release financial data. Forbes.com fills the void each year with its own estimates, and the latest round includes estimated revenues and incomes as well.

NFC West Franchise Value Rankings

I've seen team officials privately discount the numbers over the years, but until the NFL or its teams produce verifiable information, this will have to suffice.

The estimates for NFC West teams rose modestly in most cases. The St. Louis Rams gained the most ground from last year in the league, as Nick Wagoner noted.

The San Francisco 49ers dropped one spot in the rankings to No. 10 despite gaining in value. The Seattle Seahawks climbed two spots to No. 15. The Arizona Cardinals climbed one spot to No. 24. The Rams jumped two spots to No. 29.

Actual franchise worth cannot be known until someone makes a credible offer to purchase a team. Stadium situations are key variables. The 49ers' ranking was 22nd two years ago, before their stadium situation was resolved. The Rams are the only team in the division still seeking an upgraded stadium situation.

2013 NFL Franchise Value Estimates by Forbes