QB Wilson missed chance to see Lambeau

RENTON Wash. -- Believe it or not, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson never has been to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

It’s a little surprising since he played his senior year of college at the University of Wisconsin, only 120 miles away.

“Ironically, I’ve never been there,” Wilson said after practice Wednesday. “I had an opportunity to go [in 2012]. I got tickets to a [Packers] game. We were practicing for the Rose Bowl on a Saturday and the [Green Bay] game was that Sunday."

But Bret Bielema, Wisconsin’s head coach at the time, ended those plans.

“We had a bad practice that Saturday,” Wilson said. “Coach Bielema told us we would we have practice [on Sunday], so I was unable to go."

So Friday night’s preseason game will be the first time Wilson has stepped on the field at Lambeau.

“I excited to go,” he said. “It’s a great stadium, and we’re playing a great football team. I really respect them, but for us it’s a business trip.”