Carroll: Winning in preseason is important

RENTON, Wash. -- Not that it means much, but the Seattle Seahawks have an unusual streak of seven consecutive preseason victories, dating back to the last game of the 2011 preseason.

It the eyes of coach Pete Carroll, it’s not just a fluke. It’s by design.

“We take these games very seriously,” Carroll said of the preseason. “I do not blow off these games like it’s just an opportunity to look at the young guys. It’s way more than that for us. We’re trying to build a mentality around here of winning and understanding how you win. It's learning the lessons that it takes and the discipline it takes to always show your best every time you go out there.

“I don’t think you should ever play anything and just kind of show up. I think you should go for it every chance you get forever. You can’t afford to try and call on it when you need it. Every game is a huge game for us. That’s how we do it."

The third preseason game typically is the most important for NFL starters, but Carroll doesn’t view it much differently than any other preseason game. He sees an opportunity in playing a strong team at Green Bay.

“Green Bay is a great football team and a great setting with great fans,” Carroll said. This is a chance to go on the road in an atmosphere that will be very similar to what we’ll see in the regular season on the road.”