Carroll: Seattle working to fix penalty woes

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll took part of the blame for the team’s continuing problems with penalties, but said a major emphasis this week is on correcting those issues.

“I know a good deal of it is my fault," Carroll said after Monday’s practice. “I know how hard I’m asking them to play and how much I want them to emphasize finishing and being physical and attitude and all that.

“I think it’s a sign of our youth and guys trying too hard to make the right play. The head coach is chasing them around and frothing at the mouth about chasing the football and blocking down field. I love the attitude, but we’ve got to get smarter.”

Seattle has 34 penalties for 354 yards in the first three preseason games, including 14 for 182 yards in the 17-10 victory at Green Bay on Friday night.

“We played really hard [at Green Bay] and [I'm] happy with the intensity. Guys got after it really well against a really good team, but it was all kind of covered up by the penalties.

“We don’t want to give our opponents anything. It’s hard enough to win when you make good plays, but when you have 182 yards going the wrong way, it’s hard to overcome that. We did, but we’re trying to control the variables of the game as much as possible. That’s a big one that’s totally on us.”

The offense was flagged four times for illegal procedure during 11-on-11 drills in Monday’s practice.

“We continue to emphasize the heck out of it, but I’m not real pleased with the results,” Carroll said. “We’ve gone too long without getting the message. It’s still a problem. We need to get it right and grow and fix this stuff. So the whole group, including myself, need to get our act together.”