Power Rankings: No. 2 Seattle Seahawks

A weekly examination of the Seahawks’ ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The Seattle Seahawks gave up their top spot to the San Francisco 49ers, but that could flip-flop next week since they play host to the 49ers on Sunday night.

Winning 12-7 over the Carolina Panthers in a road opener that started 1 p.m. ET (a scenario Seattle has struggled with for years, going 19-34 over the previous 12 seasons in those games) wasn’t enough to stay on top.

One reason was Seattle’s lack of a running game Sunday. The Seahawks rushed for 70 yards on 26 carries, and Marshawn Lynch had only 43 yards on 17 carries.

Coach Pete Carroll took part of the blame for a team that prides itself on its power running game.

“We didn’t make the adjustments we normally make, and I contributed to that,” Carroll said Monday. “In our program, that’s a huge focus, so we were disappointed. We can’t go like that. We’re not going to play football that way. We just didn’t get it done. We plan to go right back to business and get it done this week. We’ll see if we can do something about it this week against a tremendous defense.”