Flush the Pocket: PFT on Fitz's hamstring

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TEMPE, Ariz. – Whenever it comes to Larry Fitzgerald, a lot of attention gets focused on the Cardinals.

So when the Pro Bowl wide receiver left Sunday’s game late in the third quarter, the questions started. Should he have even been playing? How bad is his hamstring? Will he play next week?

But a post Monday from Pro Football Talk suggests Fitzgerald didn’t actually aggravate his hamstring during the game. The report, which was quite vague, even quotes a team spokesman, who supposedly said Fitzgerald wore down during the game, which was the reason for taking himself out.

In the fourth quarter, after Fitzgerald had come out and after he had his left hamstring wrapped with what looked to be an ice pack, Cardinals vice president of media relations Mark Dalton announced in the press box that Fitzgerald was out with a hamstring issue and his return would be questionable.

Fitzgerald did say this after the game: “I didn’t have much in the second half, just because I was fatigued. I didn’t want to be a liability for my team.”

However, Fitzgerald also talked about trying to “fight it out early,” which would suggest the hamstring was troublesome and could’ve led to fatigue. Fitzgerald said he “would’ve been good if I was 80 percent,” and also discussed his inability to separate from defensive backs and how the pregame adrenaline psyched him out a little bit.

Either way, Fitzgerald’s hamstring will continue to be a topic this week.

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