What's the Fuss with … Justin Bethel

Every week, What’s the Fuss with … will feature a unique off-the-field side of an Arizona Cardinal in a Q&A format. If you have an idea for a What’s the Fuss with … tweet Josh Weinfuss at @joshweinfuss using the hashtag #WTFwith.

This week What’s the Fuss with … caught up with second-year Cardinal Justin Bethel from the sunshine of Sarasota, Fla. Better known for his exploits as a gunner, Bethel is a talented drummer from a musical family. Drumroll please …

When did you get into music?

“I started playing when I was about 6. I started playing the bongos, grew up in church doing that. And then later on, we ended up going to another church, and I started playing the drums a little. And ever since then I kept playing.

“My dad (Chris), he grew up in the church playing, so that was something that we did.”

How old were you when you started playing the drums?

“I first started drums at 9 or 10. I stopped for a little bit and then got back on it.”

What instruments did your father play?

“Growing up, he actually played the trombone. He actually had a scholarship to go to college for it and then he had my older brother, so he ended up staying home for that. And then mainly, he plays a little bit of everything , but (now) he’s mainly a piano player.”

Are you in a band?

“I guess you can say something like that. Our family is kinda like a band.

“My little brother, we got a little CD we’re doing, a little jazz thing. It’s me him and our older brother, and then a couple of other guys that we got to play on it. It’s pretty interesting.”

Who are your musical influences?

“One of my favorite drummers to listen to is Tony Mason … really good technique. He just does a lot of things that I like.

“I get on YouTube and watch stuff and try to learn little things here and there.

Do you have a drum set at home?


Ever wake the neighbors?

“I actually only try to play when I get home early, and I’ll try to play for like an hour or so when I know everybody is still at work. I try to get it in before then, but I do have pads that dampen the sound. If I really needed to, I could put them on there.”

If you weren’t a football player, would you be a full-time musician?

“Yeah, most definitely. That or trying to cook. I want to get back into that, but I would be doing something with music.”

Looks like What's the Fuss ... might have to do a Part 2 on Bethel and talk about his talents in the kitchen.