Glenn Dorsey finds fit with 49ers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – I’ve covered Glenn Dorsey since he came into the NFL in 2008 as a ballyhooed top-five draft pick of the Kansas City Chiefs. I have talked to him on several occasions. I spoke with him again this week, and I’ve never seen him more comfortable. He agreed.

“I’m doing great,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey thinks this is probably the best defensive fit for him in his six NFL seasons. And it’s funny, he’s in a 3-4 defense.

When he was drafted out of LSU, Dorsey was considered a star-in-the-making 4-3 defensive tackle. Several scouts thought he was the best prospect in the draft. However, in 2009, the Chiefs changed regimes and moved to a 3-4. Dorsey was considered a misfit defensive end for a 3-4 scheme. He played, and played decently, in the 3-4 before becoming a free agent this past offseason.

Many league observers were shocked Dorsey chose to sign with the 49ers, another 3-4 team. However, for the first time he is playing nose tackle in a 3-4, and he is shining. Dorsey has been terrific since taking over for Ian Williams, who was lost for the season in Week 2.

“I like the 3-4, I enjoyed what I was doing in Kansas City,” Dorsey said. “But I really like this. … I am having a lot of fun.”

And he is getting noticed.

Star inside linebacker Patrick Willis raved this week about Dorsey’s impact and his quickness for being a nose tackle. San Francisco defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said Dorsey has been a huge part of a defense that has been dominant the past two weeks.

“He’s doing a nice job for us,” Fangio said. “He’s fitting in well with the guys, and everybody loves having him on the team.”

The feeling is clearly mutual.