Morning Ram-blings: Trades unlikely

ST. LOUIS -- The NFL trade deadline is a little less than two weeks away on Oct. 29.

More often than not, it's a day that passes with maybe a minor move or two but nothing too dramatic. This year, it's fair to wonder if things might be a little crazier given the flurry of trades of relatively big names we've already seen. Players like running back Trent Richardson, offensive tackle Eugene Monroe and linebacker Jon Beason have already been moved in deals.

For the Rams, there has been plenty of speculation among fans and media about if they'd be interested in making a move at a positions such as running back or safety. ESPN's Tom Carpenter put together this pieceInsider on Insider discussing one name that's being bandied about in league circles: Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

In the piece, Carpenter names the Rams as one of four logical landing spots for Jones-Drew. It's worth noting that he didn't write the Rams would make such a deal, only that Jones-Drew would seem a fit in St. Louis.

Clearly, the Jaguars are having some major struggles and they've proved a willingness to make deals as Monroe can attest. Jones-Drew seems to still have some gas in the tank, though it's hard to tell how much considering his team's general struggles.

The Rams have found something in Zac Stacy at running back the past two weeks and the position is getting some semblance of stability. That doesn't mean the Rams have a definitive answer for the long term, but Stacy looks to be pleading a decent case.

All of that said, I have major doubts the Rams would make a move on Jones-Drew or really any player at the deadline. It would be unwise to rule out any possibility, but there's one major issue that would certainly prevent them from chasing a big name like Jones-Drew or Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd (another popular name that some want to like to St. Louis): the salary cap.

Jones-Drew would be a 28-year old rental and has a base salary of $4.95 million this year. Put simply, the Rams don't have the cap room for that or any hefty salary to add to the roster.

Of course, it'd be hard to imagine a scenario in which the Rams would want to add a veteran back. The Rams showed no interest in going any direction but young at the position in the offseason, and it's unlikely they'd suddenly embrace a shift in philosophy at the position. Especially with Stacy's recent surge.


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