Flush the Pocket: 'Breakout' game for TE?

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TEMPE, Ariz. – So much has been made about the tight ends on other teams, but Arizona’s Rob Housler has flown under the radar since he returned from an ankle injury.

It’s been four games since he was put back into the lineup, but Housler hasn’t fulfilled the expectations set by Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who spoke highly of the third-year player.

“I think we’ve all had high expectations as an offense and we haven’t been carrying the load,” Housler said. “Whether it’s points or giving the ball up, we’re not doing it. It’s been frustrating but we’re working at it.”

Offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin thinks Thursday night against Seattle could be the right time for Housler to have a breakout game. But the Florida Atlantic product doesn’t believe in such things.

"It’s hard to put a number on 'breakout,'" Housler said. "It’s hard to even determine what a breakout game is. For me I’m just trying to do my job, whether it’s blocking or catching. So whatever’s expected of me upstairs in the coaches’ office, I want to fulfill their expectations.

“For me it’s not about a breakout game, it’s about executing.”

Housler, who has six catches for 68 yards, said the offense he studied before his injury is still the one the Cardinals are running. But the timing with his fellow receivers and with quarterback Carson Palmer has been tough to get down.

“New Orleans week [when Housler returned] came up pretty quick,” Housler said, “and jumping back into practice, there was a little rust.”


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