What to expect now from Percy Harvin

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks fans got a peek at what Percy Harvin can do with his 58-yard kickoff return against Minnesota and his 17-yard fingertip catch to keep a touchdown drive alive.

Now that Harvin is ready to go full speed, what can fans expect to see?

“We’re not changing the offense,” coach Pete Carroll said. “I told Percy that the first night I talked to him. I told him we’re not going to change because you’re coming to our team. We’re just going to add you in and hope you can be a factor to help us, which he’s going to be.’’

Seattle receiver Golden Tate said Harvin “adds another dimension for us,” and quarterback Russell Wilson said that because defenses have to account for Harvin’s speed, things will open things up for the other receivers.

Harvin’s presence may have been a factor on Doug Baldwin’s 19-yard touchdown catch against Minnesota, causing one safety to pull up and give Wilson just enough room to find Baldwin in the back corner of the end zone.

“I didn’t notice it at all,” Carroll said. “I don’t think [the Vikings] did anything different. He only played a handful of plays, but it’ll happen when he’s more of a factor.”

Carroll said the New Orleans game on Dec. 2 will be the first time the coaches make Harvin a significant part of the offensive game plan.

"He’ll play a regular amount as we go," Carroll said. "He won’t play every play. We’re going to still rotate our guys. He’s going to just fit in. We’ll put him in the rotation. We’ll play him with the knowledge that he’s definitely there and ready to go, and we won’t have to hold back and count plays and stuff like that."

The Seahawks have a lot of weapons on offense without Harvin. With him, the others likely will look even better.

“There’s no question, he’s a fantastic player,” Carroll said. “We love the way they’re all playing [on offense], and he’ll just be another issue. It’ll be obvious that he’s out there. He’s that good of a player.”