A happy Rutgers reunion Sunday?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – It’s no secret that Anthony Davis and Greg Schiano were not close while Davis played for Schiano at Rutgers. The two had issues, and Davis was disciplined more than once.

Davis, now a standout right tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, has publicly lashed out at Schiano since joining the NFL. Schiano is now the coach at Tampa Bay. The 49ers visit the Buccaneers on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Schiano heaped praise on Davis during a conference call with Bay Area media. When told of Schiano’s words, which included saying he loved him, Davis listened intently. Asked if he would shake hands with Schiano before the game, Davis said: “If we make eye contact. I’ll acknowledge him out of respect.”

Davis said he wasn’t a great fit for Schiano’s intense motivational style, saying he is more of the self-motivating type. Still, Davis steered clear of igniting any dispute with his former coach.

“It was a learning experience,” Davis said. “If you can make it there under him, you can make it anywhere.”

It is clear Davis has no such issues with his current coach. Jim Harbaugh is thrilled with Davis’ play.

“Anthony Davis is having a really good year,” Harbaugh said Wednesday. “Consistently good every game. He’s playing at a very high level, kind of top-lineman kind of level. He’s having an outstanding year.”