FTP: No days off for Cards

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- Around the NFL, a day off after a win has largely been used as motivation.

If teams lose, everyone reports to work as teams prepare for their next opponent.

If a team wins, it's a day off -- widely dubbed Victory Monday.

But in recent weeks, the Arizona Cardinals aren't taking days off, even when the coaching staff rewards them for their work. Such was the case Monday, when Arians gave the veterans the day off following a 37-34 win over Tennessee in overtime. Instead of sleeping in, the vets, in particular the captains, summoned their teammates to the office.

With a playoff berth still a possibility, it was time to work.

“It's been a pretty steady thing on Victory Mondays,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said. “The captains have just about everybody in here to watch the tape this morning, which is a great sign, and get started on Seattle.”

And just because the players were ready to start breaking down film on Seattle, they expected the coaching staff to be ready to go. Some players, Arians said, even asked for the game plan.

“That doesn't happen until (Monday night) and (Tuesday),” he said. “But it's nice to see them anxious to want to get the game plan in their hands and get started.

“I guess they thought we did it on the plane coming home.”

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