Chat wrap: 49ers' chances in Philly

Thanks to those who kept the latest NFC West chat moving. Full transcript here. Highlights below:

Aaron (San Diego, Ca): What would you give the 49ers chances againt Philly, They have had strong performances in every road game they have played this year, having a hard time finishing out, I am hearing it is likely to snow in Philly and if the 49ers are learning how to run again and Philly hates to try and run (passing in the snow isnt very easy) and Alex continues to be efficent do you think this is a game we could realalisticly win?

Mike Sando: This is such a great opportunity for the 49ers. They really have nothing to lose. Everyone, including me, has pretty much written them off as a playoff team. They are playing with house money a little bit right now, simply because they were so down after that loss to Seattle. It is a really tough test for them, though. They travel cross country on a short week to play an early game against a playoff-caliber team in tough conditions. Mike Singletary has to secretly love it. In the end, though, it just seems unlikely that Alex Smith will stare down that Philly defense and do enough to win the game. If he does, wow, what a great moment for him and for the 49ers.

Rex Hughes (Troy, MO) : OK, so now we can't get Jake Locker and I'm hoping we aren't stuck with Jabba the Bulger much longer. Who is on Mel Kiper's Big Board at QB that you think the Rams will come with and take a hard look at? Selecting a QB early for this team seems as easy as a one piece puzzle. Oy vey and Happy Holidays, Sando!

Mike Sando: Thanks. Marc Bulger's contract calls for him to make more money in 2010 than the Rams would ever pay him. He will very likely be gone after this season. It's time, anyway. Let's watch to see how the Rams allocate their financial resources. How willing will they be to invest massive capital in a high-risk franchise quarterback when they have so many other needs? Might they be more inclined to look for a cheaper version of Bulger, meaning a veteran quarterback? The Dolphins added Chad Pennington, for example.

Cassius (Doremus): Does Mike Holmgren's deadline of Christmas take him out of the running for a position with the hawks? It doesn't seem like the Hawks are in that big of hurry.

Mike Sando: If Mike Holmgren has set a hard deadline of Christmas, yes, that would take him off the Seahawks' radar. I don't think the Seahawks had him atop their list anyway. If they did, they would be moving on him, probably. It takes a confident organization to not even consider Mike Holmgren as a candidate.

TJ (California): Should the Cardinals be worried about how poor their passing game was against the 49ers? Is it a sign of bigger problems or is it simply that the 49ers match up well against the Cardinals? Also, does it seem like the Cardinals are trying to force the deep ball? What's the solution?

Mike Sando: The solution is to run the ball without fumbling. The Cardinals ran the ball better than expected against the 49ers. They can be a good running team. They need to stick with that. If they do, and if they protect the ball better, the downfield throws will open up. They probably forced the deep ball a little, but I think that is OK. They had Steve Breaston open, but Dre Bly made an excellent play. Larry Fitzgerald nearly caught that jump ball on the play resulting in his injury.

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