Morning Ram-blings: Working the edge

ST. LOUIS -- Now that the offseason is here, at least for the St. Louis Rams, the morning Ram-blings are going to take on a little different look. Instead of the usual longer lead on a major topic, we're going to start with a link to a Rams story elsewhere with a quick description and sometimes reaction to it followed by the rest of the daily links. It'll be a bit shorter than usual but don't worry, the larger leads that once appeared in this space will simply appear in a separate post.

With that, we'll lead off today's Ram-blings with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz's piece on the Rams and their perceived ability to play with an edge but not go over it. Miklasz asserts that there's nothing wrong with the Rams playing with a little attitude but that it's often misguided and led them to finishing the season second in the NFL in penalties.

For the Rams to get better moving forward, Miklasz believes they must find a way to better walk that line. I have to agree with him. The Rams have to play physical to keep up with the Joneses in the NFC West but being physical and tough between the whistles is where it has to stop. Seattle was the most penalized team in the league this year but the Seahawks are good enough to overcome that. The Rams simply aren't. And until they prove they're good enough to do that, it's imperative they find a way to cut out the silly mistakes.


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Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading.