Carroll knows his coaches may move on

RENTON, Wash. -- One by-product of a successful team in the NFL is the fact assistant coaches move on to bigger and better things.

Consequently, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn are seeing interest from several NFL teams looking for a head coach.

So Seattle coach Pete Carroll knows he may be looking for new coordinators for next season. Carroll accepts that fact. In some ways, he embraces it.

“Well, it’s pretty fundamental to me that I’m trying to help everybody be the best they can be,” Carroll said. “That goes for the coaches as well. If I can help people get to where they want to go, where they dream to be, that’s all a part of it.”

At least two teams are interested in Quinn -- the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings. Bevell is believed to be on the list of candidates for the Washington Redskins, and probably a few other teams.

Gus Bradley was the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks before leaving to become the head coach at Jacksonville this season. Quinn, 43, returned to Seattle this season after spending two years as the defensive coordinator at the University of Florida. Now he may get his chance as an NFL head coach.

“Dan is a terrific football coach,” Carroll said. “He’s got a tremendous background in the game. He’s got great character about the game, he’s a great communicator, he’s tough and he knows what he wants. Look how well he transitioned to take this thing over so quickly and seamlessly.

“Getting along with people, working with people, and also managing the talent, he does all of that. He’s really well-equipped.”

Carroll feels the same way about Bevell, who turns 44 on Monday.

“Bevell was involved last year with an opportunity or two, and rightly so,” Carroll said. “He’s a great play caller, designer of the offense and all of that. He’s got it nailed.”

The only thing Carroll wants to avoid is any type of distraction from the coaching interview process that might affect the team as it prepares for the playoffs.

“I don’t know when that would take place,” Carroll said of the possible interviews. “But if that’s going to happen, we would encourage that it happens this week. We’ll do this with all of the care of what’s going on here. That is first and foremost and all of our guys understand.

“But I’ll help our guys any way I can to fulfill the dreams they have for themselves. The fact that teams want to come talk to any of our coaches is a credit to our program.”