Seahawks will be watching and waiting

RENTON, Wash. -- Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will use part of his weekend off to take his offensive linemen out to a nice steak dinner. But he also will spend time in front of the TV, studying the teams that could be Seattle's playoff opponent next week.

"I definitely will watch, but not as fan," Wilson said. "I'll be critiquing each thing and watching the coverages and watching the defense, just like I was watching film.

"Obviously, we can play either the Saints or the Packers or the 49ers. All three are great football teams. We're going to have to be prepared, so it'll be good to watch these games and figure out who we're playing."

Cornerback Richard Sherman said he also will watch the games, but he has a bit of a difference perspective.

"I'll watch it casually," Sherman said. "The outcomes don't really matter to me, and I don't think, to our team. We're just going to go out there and play our game. We'll play whoever comes. Good luck to everybody. But they're going to have to deal with us when they get here."

Sherman also was asked if he feels bad for NFC West rival San Francisco having to play in likely below zero temperatures Sunday in Green Bay.

"Uh, no, not at all," Sherman said. "I hope they have fun."

That would have been the Seahawks had Seattle not taking care of business last weekend, defeating St. Louis 27-9 to win the NFC West title and earn home-field advantage in the playoffs, along with the first-round bye.

"To get the bye is huge and it helps guys recover," Wilson aid. "It gives us time to really evaluate what we've done so far and what we can continue to improve on."

Seattle coach Pete Carroll said he'll be watching both of the Saturday playoff games at home.

"I won't be drinking any beers, in case you were wondering," Carroll said. "Of course, the Saints game as the most impact to us right off the bat. If the Saints win, that will kick us into gear right away. It's a cool place to be to get to sit back and watch these games."

Carroll said the coaching staff will be at the practice facility Sunday with two options. If the Saints win Saturday, they will review video tape of the new Orleans victory. If the Saints lose, the staff will watch the 49ers-Packers game to see which team they play.

Wilson said he took the time this week to watch every Seahawks game this season.

"I really was just watching myself and watching what our offense has done really well and what we can do better," Wilson said. "I watched the live game copies on my iPad that they give us. I watch all of our touchdown throws and all the incompletions, too, to see where we can improve, whether it's me or somebody else.

"I think what's most important is taking care of your body, keeping your mind around the game and getting ready to go again."