Bevell has a simple message for Wilson

RENTON, Wash. – Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has a simple message for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson entering the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“We want him to be himself,” Bevell said. “We don’t need to build it up any different than it is. It’s just 60 more minutes for us to play, and we want Russell to play exactly the way he plays each and every day.

“He’s not going to work harder and he’s not going to play harder. He’s at full tilt all the time. He’s here [at the Seahawks facility] all the time. He works hard at it, so we just want him to be himself.”

Bevell knows Wilson has taken some heat in recent weeks over the team’s passing numbers, which are down significantly over the last five games.

“There are a lot of factors in there,” Bevell said. “First and foremost, we are playing good defenses, and we were playing defenses that played us for the second time as well, as you look back at it.”

Seattle played NFC West opponents San Francisco, Arizona and St. Louis for the second time this season in the final five regular season games. Now the Seahawks play the 49ers for the third time, so it won’t get any easier to catch anyone by surprise.

“We have to point to ourselves and we have to try and fix the things that we can,” Bevell said. “It may be one little protection thing. It could be a route on one. It could be the quarterback’s decision on one. There are just a number of things that it could come down to, and basically, we’re working on those every day to get better.”

Bevell said he and Wilson have gone over a few specific things this week that could make a difference in the passing game efficiency, but Bevell’s main emphasis was for Wilson to stay the course and not try to do too much.

“We make corrections every day.” Bevell said. “But what we want him to do is just to be him.”

The vast majority of the time, that’s been good enough.