Carroll no stranger to a 'bowl' game

RENTON, Wash. -- Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is going to his first Super Bowl as a head coach, but he’s no stranger to big games that have the word "bowl" in the title.

Carroll was 7-2 in postseason games while the head coach at Southern Cal, including 1-1 in BCS national championship games.

“I’ve been to a lot of bowl games and it kind of seems very similar,” Carroll said. “You can’t have a better proving ground, I think, in terms of the process of it."

Carroll says a lot of the buildup for a college bowl game, or national championship, is similar to what the Seahawks are experiencing now.

“The anticipation of it, the media, it changes kind of the focus as you get closer to the game,’’ Carroll said. “All of those elements are there. The Rose Bowls and the Orange [Bowl] and those games really brought in a lot of attention. There was a lot at stake and a lot of national interest and all that. So it feels very comfortable in that regard.”

Carroll said one big difference is preparation time for most college bowls, compared to two weeks for the Super Bowl.

“Some [college bowl games], you get a month,’' he said. “It’s like a whole spring practice, so you get more time. We’ll be there [in New Jersey/New York] for a week [for the Super Bowl]. But I think our guys are pretty comfortable with that and we’ll be OK.”