Chat wrap: Offseason thoughts

We held our San Francisco 49ers chat earlier Thursday. Here are some highlights:

Anthony Myer from Cbus, OH: Boldin was a huge part of our success this season, especially early on before Crabtree returned. How important will it be to resign him this off-season? Think it will happen?

Bill Williamson: Unless someone pays a 33-year-old receiver major change, I do think he will be back. Boldin and 49ers are good fits for each other.

Paulo from Philadelphia: Bill, how much of a role do you see for Marcus Lattimore next season? It seems like a crowded backfield after Gore with Lattimore, James, and Hunter.

BW: If he is healthy and he gets pass protection, he will play a lot. This could be Gore's last year.

RDC from Clovis: Hey Bill, I know we may have needs at receiver and CB, but we don't really have much behind Whitner and Reid at safety. Do you see that as a big need in the draft?

BW: It could be, if they like someone. Becomes huge need if Whitner leaves.