NFLN survey/popular coach: Cardinals

Bruce Arians isn’t the type of coach who will throw passes during warm-ups or have a Song of the Day on Twitter. Instead, he’ll ride his players and isn't one to sugarcoat. He’ll rip them, then hug them. He’ll instigate and then laugh about it.

That is why Arians has become a favorite among his players. He has only been the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals for a year, so his reputation hasn’t yet spread through the league, like that of Seattle coach Pete Carroll, who was voted the coach NFL players would most like to play for. Arians received less than 10 votes, but I’m not surprised.

Arians is not as well known and hasn't been a head coach as long as Mike Tomlin (second place), John Fox (third) or Rex Ryan (fourth). Besides Ryan, although he’s tasted a few victories in his day, the one thing the top-nine vote getters shared was a penchant for winning. Four have won Super Bowl titles. Three others have coached in the game, and Carroll is about to. I don’t think their success and their popularity around the league is a coincidence.

With the success Arians had in 2013, give him time and he’ll be on that list soon enough.