Holmgren makes positive impression

Mike Holmgren addressed a few key issues regarding his future during his latest radio interview with KJR radio in Seattle.

I thought Holmgren helped his chances for becoming a candidate as general manager for the Seahawks, even though the timetable might not line up. Given a chance to pressure the Seahawks into speeding up their timetable, Holmgren instead expressed an understanding of the big picture, taking into account the Seahawks' perspective in a manner he had not in previous interviews.

"I get what the organization has to do," Holmgren said. "I understand that and there is no one I trust more than (Seahawks CEO) Tod Leiweke."

Holmgren also addressed perceptions that he has campaigned for the GM job with Seattle.

"Look, I don't think it's a big secret and I said it on the air with you guys, that I would love to be considered for a position with the Seahawks for the reasons that have gone on and on forever," Holmgren said. "I devoted 10 years of my life to try and make the franchise and team good. I needed that year off, which I don't regret taking. But my family are in Seattle and Seattle is my home and so there would be something really special about doing something with the organization again. But having said that, I'm a big boy and organizations make decisions and if we're employees or coaches or general managers or whatever, you gotta live with them. A lot of decisions are out of your hands. I don't regret saying I would love being with the Seahawks."

Asked whether he has received discouraging signs from the Seahawks, Holmgren said, "No, other than the fact that there is a little bit of a time crunch here involved with Cleveland and some other people. As we are getting down the last two weeks of the season, maybe I was hoping for a few more positive signs, but no, nothing specific."

Has Holmgren been told he's not a candidate in Seattle?

"No, I have not been told that, but who knows?" Holmgren said. "I am very sure that the organization wants to go through a process. That has been made pretty clear. It's my understanding they have hired a search firm to do that. But no one has come to me or phoned me or said I couldn't be part of process."