Jeff Fisher unfazed by moving rumors

INDIANAPOLIS -- St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher has already been through a trying move as the man in charge of a football franchise. As the coach of the Houston Oilers in the late 90s, Fisher steadied the ship as the team moved to Nashville and became the Tennessee Titans.

It was a difficult proposition for Fisher's team as it navigated the murky waters of relocation. Then named the Tennessee Oilers, Fisher's team spent a season playing in Memphis before moving to Nashville to play in Vanderbilt's stadium. It took two years to finally land in the new stadium built in Nashville and finally become the Titans.

Despite knowing exactly what goes into a move, Fisher doesn't seem too concerned about the rumors and speculation about the Rams possibly moving back to Los Angeles.

Asked Friday what his thoughts were on the recent 60-acre land purchase in Los Angeles by Rams owner Stan Kroenke, Fisher made it clear he isn't worried about it.

"No concern," Fisher said. "There's probably a pretty good chance he's purchased a property between now and the time he purchased that piece of property. That's what he does. So there's no concern whatsoever. I think the commissioner made a statement with respect to that when it was announced that he purchased that piece of property in Los Angeles. ... So I'm not concerned about that."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said at the Super Bowl that Kroenke informed him of the purchase.