Analyzing Kiper 3.0: Cardinals

With Arizona’s left tackle issues fixed for the next five years, it’s time to plug the Cardinals’ next biggest hole: the secondary. In his Mock Draft 3.0, ESPN NFL draft Insider Mel Kiper Jr. predicted the Cardinals will select Darqueze Dennard, a cornerback out of Michigan State.

If there’s a safety on the board who’s better than Dennard, the Cardinals will most likely go in that direction because of their serious need to stop tight ends. However, if Dennard is the best player available, it’d be hard not to choose the Jim Thorpe Award winner and a unanimous All-American. He had 62 tackles and four interceptions, and Dennard would be able to learn the tricks of the trade from Patrick Peterson on the other side as well as pick up a thing or two from Tyrann Mathieu.

If Arizona drafts Dennard, there’s a very good chance the Cardinals will cut Jerraud Powers and begin the reformation of the secondary this year.