McLeod tops Rams' performance bonus list

If it wasn't already clear that the St. Louis Rams have no problem giving playing time to young players, let the team's distribution of performance bonuses serve as another reminder.

The league pool allows each team to distribute a total of $3.46 million to all players on the roster, but the system is set up in a way which is supposed to allow players who don't make much money -- but play a lot -- to reap the biggest rewards.

Rodney McLeod leads the way for the Rams this year, garnering an additional $280,915.83. That should come as no surprise as the second-year undrafted safety played almost exclusively on special teams as a rookie and became a starter at safety and nickel corner in 2013. After filling in for an injured Darian Stewart in the preseason, he claimed the job on a permanent basis as he played nearly 80 percent of the available snaps.

Tackle Joe Barksdale also cashed in after becoming a starter at right tackle early in the season because of an injury and, like McLeod, doing enough to hang on to the job for the rest of the season. Barksdale earned $187,114.62 for playing 60.87 percent of the snaps.

All compensation and playtime percentages courtesy of NFL management council. Those numbers for every team can be found here.