A look at the Rams' 12 picks in NFL draft

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Whether it's general manager Les Snead or coach Jeff Fisher, the St. Louis Rams have consistently made it clear this offseason how much they like their current roster.

They've backed up those words by forgoing any major signings in free agency, only recently adding a trio of players to provide depth at quarterback, defensive tackle and wide receiver.

But with a dozen picks in May's NFL draft, it will be interesting to see just how many of those choices get used or if the Rams again move up and down the board in an effort to end up with more quality than quantity. Those 12 selections are tied for the most of any team in the league.

By the fifth round of the 2013 draft, the Rams had completed their business by selecting running back Zac Stacy. They won't be able to duplicate that this year since they have three compensatory picks, one in Round 6 and two in Round 7. Compensatory picks can't be traded.

It is, however, fair to wonder whether the Rams will want to continue trading down to accumulate more picks if they're as happy with the roster as they say they are.

“You’d like to say you hit on all 12, but when it’s all said and done we may not make 12 selections, we don’t know,’’ Fisher said.

If indeed the Rams do make a trade down or two in the first round, don't be surprised if they also look to aggressively move up in the later rounds. The draft is considered one of the deepest in years and though they can't trade the three late compensatory selections, it would be logical for the Rams to try to package some of those picks together to get another pick in the range of the fourth or-fifth rounds. Barring that, they could also look to move out of some of those late picks in exchange for late picks in future seasons.

That would give the Rams the chance to have an earlier shot at some of the better players available in those rounds while also preventing them from having to try to find a spot for 14 or 15 drafted rookies.

Here's a look at the Rams' picks in this draft:

Round 1: Nos. 2 and 13

Round 2: No. 44

Round 3: No. 75

Round 4: No. 110

Round 5: No. 153

Round 6: Nos. 188 and 214*

Round 7: Nos. 226, 241, 249*, 250*

Note: * indicates compensatory selection