Trying to guess the Rams' schedule

This week, the St. Louis Rams announced that they're having a contest for fans to guess their 2014 schedule with the prize of $100,000 for anyone who can hit it with 100 percent accuracy. Soon after, I laid out just how ridiculously long the odds are for anyone to satisfy all of the requirements to actually win this contest.

I'm not going to offer an "official" entry for the contest, because when I'm going to be epically wrong about something, I prefer to have it be unofficial. So I'll use this space to take my best stab at guessing what the schedule is going to look like for next season based on what we've seen in recent years and what we know about how the league puts it together.

The Rams' contest ends early Monday evening, so if you're looking for some tips to help you narrow the odds, feel free to use the suggestions below or, if you really want help, do the opposite of the list below.

Without further ado, here's my guess for the Rams' 2014 schedule:

Week 1 -- vs. Oakland Raiders -- Sunday

Week 2 -- at Washington Redskins -- Sunday

Week 3 -- vs. Seattle Seahawks -- Sunday

Week 4 -- at Kansas City Chiefs -- Sunday

Week 5 -- vs. New York Giants -- Sunday

Week 6 -- at Arizona Cardinals -- Monday

Week 7 -- vs San Francisco 49ers -- Sunday

Week 8 -- vs. Dallas Cowboys -- Sunday

Week 9 -- BYE

Week 10 -- at Seattle Seahawks -- Thursday

Week 11 -- at Philadelphia Eagles -- Sunday

Week 12 -- vs. Denver Broncos -- Sunday

Week 13 -- at San Diego Chargers -- Sunday

Week 14 -- vs. Arizona Cardinals -- Sunday

Week 15 -- at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Sunday

Week 16 -- vs. Minnesota Vikings -- Sunday

Week 17 -- at San Francisco 49ers -- Sunday