Morning Ram-blings: A QB in the first?

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- I'm sure when you read the headline for this edition of the Ram-blings, you expected the words herein to be covering something else. But no worries, we'll get to that more in depth later on.

This version is focused on something interesting from ESPN NFL Nation columnist Kevin Seifert that appeared on this website Monday afternoon. In the piece, Seifert explores the effect of the fifth-year option for first-round picks and how teams in need of a quarterback might now see additional value in taking their signal caller of the future in the opening round.

Be sure to read the entire column for a full explanation, but it essentially boils down to this question: if you're a team in the second round planning to use a choice on a quarterback, would it be worth giving up a pick or two to move back into the first round to select him so you can enjoy the benefit of having him under team control for an additional year at a relative bargain in price?

It's too early to know if there really is value in that since the new CBA was just signed in 2011, but it's an interesting question to consider and one that actually applies to the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams are going to take a quarterback in this draft. Whether that quarterback is Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel is a question that requires more space than the Ram-blings allows. If it's not, I believe they'll make that move in the second or third round. Let's assume that they have interest in a player such as Georgia's Aaron Murray, Pitt's Tom Savage or Alabama's AJ McCarron in the second round.

Might it make sense to give up a pick or two to get back into the first for the benefit of the fifth-year option?

The answer for this Rams team, a team that needs to make good use of its picks, especially in the middle rounds, is probably not. But if they truly want to find a quarterback capable of pushing starter Sam Bradford or even beating him out, it's something to consider.


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