Pierre-Louis knows Seahawks' plan

Kevin Pierre-Louis, an outside linebacker from Boston College whom the Seattle Seahawks selected in the fourth round, has done his homework on his new team's philosophy.

"If you watch their defense, they're going to give you a bunch of looks," Pierre-Louis said Friday. "Their players are quick, they're fast, they're agile. They're players that pretty much don't fit a particular mold.

"As you can see with all of the corners and safeties, all these guys are tall and long. They're not fitting that traditional mold. That's what the Seahawks are about. They're not about trying to fit a previous tradition. They're about doing what's best for their team and putting their guys in the best position to make plays."

Which is why Pierre-Louis may fit for them. He's small at 6-0, 230, but as fast as most safeties and able to cover slot receivers. He said he had a feeling the Seahawks would pick him after talking to Seattle coaches at the combine.

"I had a formal interview with them and got a chance to meet everybody, the whole staff," he said. "It was great to sit down and chat with them. It was such a comfortable feeling and everything seemed to flow pretty well."