Kiper's draft grade for the Seahawks

For grading purposes, ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. wasn’t thrilled with the 2014 draft for the Seahawks.

Overall, Kiper gave the Seahawks C-plusInsider, which doesn’t sound so bad until you see that only four teams earned a lower grade.

Kiper felt the Seahawks did a good job addressing their needs, giving the team a B in that category. But for overall value in Seattle’s nine picks, Kiper gave the Seahawks a D-plus.

Indianapolis was the only team with a lower value grade, but the Colts had only five draft picks.

However, these evaluations are based on Kiper’s grades for each player, and Kiper realizes Seattle often finds underappreciated athletes and makes them better.

“There simply isn't a better player development program in the NFL right now than Seattle's,” Kiper wrote. “The players the Seahawks draft -- the players I've spent many hours evaluating and making calls on -- are often players that evolve, improve and become something new after Seattle drafts them.”