Carroll's expectations for rookie minicamp

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had an interesting description for the first day of rookie minicamp.

"It's like Christmas morning," Carroll said at 710 ESPN Seattle. "You open up all these packages and don't know what's in them."

Rookie minicamp starts Friday, so just what are Carroll and his staff looking for in three days of workouts and meetings?

"We want to see their attitude and their mentality," Carroll said. “Are they really willing to go the extra mile it takes to be part of this roster?"

Carroll said he doesn't go into it with a lot of preconceived plans.

"I don't know what to expect or how they will fit it," Carroll said. "Right now, we're starting to gather info on what they're all about. That's our biggest challenge as coaches. We told them everything they do counts. We want to figure them out to help them be the best they can be."