Cardinals face North divisions in 2015

I just got my hands on a digital version of the "NFL Record & Fact Book 2014," which includes a bevy of great information, but none more popular than the Arizona Cardinals' 2015 opponents.

As part of the rotating divisional schedule, next season Arizona will face both the NFC North and AFC North. The Cardinals will host two teams from each division and will face the other two teams on the road.

In addition to playing Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis home and away, Arizona will host Green Bay, Minnesota, Baltimore and Cincinnati. The Cardinals travel to Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Arizona will also host the NFC South team that finishes in the same position as the Cards, and they'll travel to the corresponding NFC East team.

How Arizona has fared against its nondivisional 2015 opponents:

Green Bay

Last game: 2012, away, L, 31-17

Overall record against: 23-47-4


Last played: 2012, away, L, 21-14

Overall record against: 10-15


Last played: 2013, home, W, 25-21

Overall record against: 26-33-5


Last played: 2012, home, L, 28-13

Overall record against: 27-58-6


Last played: 2011, away, L, 30-27

Overall record against: 1-4


Last played: 2011, away, L, 23-16

Overall record against: 4-6


Last played: 2011, home, W, 20-17 OT

Overall record against: 13-33-3


Last played: 2011, home, L, 32-20

Overall record against: 23-34-3