The Beast is back and all is well

RENTON, Wash. – Just as visual confirmation came that Marshawn Lynch had arrived at the Seattle Seahawks facility, a Brinks truck drove up to the front entrance of the building.

Was it carrying his half a million bucks in fines from his holdout? Or possibly any cash the team had agreed to pay him to finally show up?

A coincidence, no doubt, but perfect timing for the arrival of "Beast Mode."

The Marines had quite a show over Lake Washington right after Seahawks practice on Thursday, using helicopters to drop divers into the water.

“Did Marshawn fly in with some Marines?” quarterback Russell Wilson said, chuckling. “Hopefully, he’s here.”

Wilson had just heard the news that Lynch was on his way and was expected at training camp, ending his eight-day holdout.

Sources told ESPN's Adam Caplan and Adam Schefter that Lynch will not receive any additional money in his contract (a four-year, $30 million deal that has two years remaining) but the team might move some money around to appease Lynch.

Lynch has accumulated almost $500,000 in fines for his absence, but it’s the team’s discretion whether to assess those fines.

The most important thing is the team’s star running back, and one of the Seahawks’ most popular players, is back. No harm, no foul.

Lynch briefly walked outside by the practice field at about 2:30 p.m. PT on Thursday, but saw photographers taking his picture and quickly walked back inside.

When he will get on the field to fully participate in practice is unknown, not that it matters. Had Lynch been here from the start, his practice time likely would have been limited to keep him healthy for when it matters.

Lynch will have to go through the normal physical exam every player does when he arrives. The Seahawks have a full scrimmage Saturday afternoon, which Lynch probably will watch from the sidelines.

So now that it’s all over, what does it all mean? It means the Seahawks will have the imposing, physical force of their offense back for at least one more season.

It also means Lynch’s backups -- Robert Turbin and Christine Michael -- are better prepared to contribute to Seattle’s power running game than ever before. Lynch did not participate in any of the offseason workouts, so Turbin and Michael received most of the reps.

“Robert is doing a tremendous job,” Wilson said. “You all see it. He’s looking very physical and very fast. And Christine has made some great plays. The more guys we have ready to play, the better.”

The fact that this didn’t become a lengthy holdout that extended into the preseason is beneficial for everyone involved, as long as Lynch is happy with whatever concessions he might have received from the Seahawks.

So the eight days of despair, in the eyes of some Lynch fans, have ended. Much ado about nothing, as it turns out.

Beast Mode will rumble again soon. All is well.