Bruce Miller reminding 49ers of his worth

The San Francisco 49ers' backfield has taken some injury hits in training camp with Kendall Hunter (knee) being lost for the entire season and LaMichael James (elbow) being lost for the preseason.

However, the team is enjoying seeing one player in the backfield regaining his health. Fullback Bruce Miller looks to be his typical stout self this summer after being lost for the season in December after breaking his scapula in Tampa Bay in Week 15.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick said Miller's health is vital to the offense.

"It means a lot," Kaepernick said. "I think everyone knows how much Bruce does for this offense and what he means to this offense, so having him healthy and back is a huge asset for us."

Miller is important to the 49ers' offense because he is a supreme blocker, has nice hands out of the backfield and he is a short-yardage run option.

"Bruce is a guy that gets football," 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman said. "Coach Tom Rathman does a great job coaching those players. I just think Bruce can do a lot and handle a lot. Bruce can think his way through an issue as it's happening, and that's a great quality in anybody, really, in life, sports, on the field, of just being able to think your way through something as it's happening and changing in front of you. He does a great job of that -- adjustments, instincts, dependability."