Pete Carroll accepts ice-bucket challenge

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll got drenched after practice Tuesday when he joined the growing list of celebrities and sports stars to accept the “ice bucket challenge” in the name of ALS awareness and fundraising.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and tight end Zach Miller were the players who turned over the ice bucket on Carroll's head in front of fans and reporters.

“There’s a tremendous program going on here with the ice-bucket challenge,” Carroll said, seconds before getting doused. “I was challenged by [USC] coach [Steve] Sarkisian and by [NFL] commissioner Roger Goodell, so let me have it boys.

“I extend my challenge to the NFC West coaches, [Arizona coach] Bruce Arians and [San Francisco coach] Jim Harbaugh and [St Louis coach] Jeff Fisher to go through the ice-bucket challenge themselves.”