Where they rank on defense: Week 9

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Cardinals still have some issues with finishing plays on defense after Week 9.

The Rams' Derek Stanley turned an outstanding catch into an 80-yard touchdown only after Cardinals cornerback Eric Green bailed on the play, unaware Stanley had caught the ball.

A week earlier, the Panthers' Steve Smith escaped up the sideline for a long touchdown after Cardinals cornerback Rod Hood missed the tackle and safety Antrel Rolle failed to push Smith out of bounds. The Cowboys' Marion Barber likewise busted a long play against Arizona when the Cardinals probably should have tackled him.

Despite the big plays allowed, Arizona ranks 12th in yards per game allowed. Having such a productive offense helps. Arizona is allowing 5.48 yards per play, 19th-best in the league and worse than the 49ers (5.08). The other defenses in this division are suffering in part because their offenses are putting them in tough positions.

Where NFC West defenses finished in yards allowed last season: Seattle 15, Arizona 17, St. Louis 21 and San Francisco 25.