Where things stand with Michael Sam

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams made 17 cuts on Friday, leaving them five roster moves short of having their initial 53-man roster pieced together.

There were no surprises in the first group of cuts, but there are some things worth noting that could play in favor of defensive end Michael Sam.

Here's a quick look at where things stand as the Rams work toward finalizing a decision on whether to keep or cut Sam. They'll have to do that by 4 p.m. ET today with coach Jeff Fisher scheduled to address the media at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Things working in Sam's favor:

-- Amongst the Rams' first 17 cuts were one quarterback and four linebackers. That's significant in the sense the Rams now have just two quarterbacks and five linebackers on the roster. Theoretically, they could move forward with those numbers at those spots. If they do, going lighter on numbers at those positions could leave an opening for the Rams to go heavy on the defensive line and retain both Ethan Westbrooks and Sam.

-- Ten is a big number on the defensive line, but it could be a necessity given the team's injuries at end. William Hayes is still working his way back from offseason surgeries. He's practiced but did not appear in any preseason games. Hayes looks like he could be ready for the opener but the Rams could take the precaution of having more insurance in the meantime. Eugene Sims is also battling an injury. He didn't practice last week and sat out the preseason finale against Miami with a brace on his leg. The status of both players remains to be seen, but if the Rams do have concerns that either or both could be ready, it could work in Sam's favor.

-- Sam's performance in preseason games showed he can play in this league. He had 11 tackles and three sacks in those four contests and even offered some production against the run in the finale against Miami. He's one of the 53 best players on this team and teams often try to keep the 53 best guys if they can find a way to make the numbers work.

Things working against Sam:

-- While injuries to Sims and Hayes could work in Sam's favor, there are other injuries that could work against him. Namely, the Rams are banged up at cornerback and will miss starter Trumaine Johnson for four-to-six weeks. Brandon McGee is also dealing with an ankle injury. The Rams cut some corners Friday but they're almost certainly going to have to carry six going into the season. The offensive line offers similar concerns with Barrett Jones working his way back from back surgery. The Rams could do some other things with Jones besides carrying him on the 53-man roster but if they don't, his inability to play right away will require the Rams to carry another body at the spot.

-- When this all started, special teams looked like a way for Sam to add to his value in his efforts to make the roster. Now, it might work against him. If the Rams are light on linebackers, they might have to go heavier somewhere like safety or receiver so they can have additional bodies to run down kicks and punts. Sam simply doesn't fit that type of role.

-- It's important to remember that these are not final rosters. These are initial rosters. Things can change as the days go by. The Rams have openly acknowledged they'll be looking for a veteran quarterback and will do the same at linebacker. So while the Rams are light in those spots now, that isn't necessarily a permanent condition.